Sunday, February 25, 2007

Silver City Short Film Festival (2nd Annual)

Forwarded from Ed Conley (bahana1999@YAHOO.COM)

We are in the beginning stage of planning the Second Annual Silver City Short Film Festival. Last year the event was well attended and this year we have exciting new plans to expand and continue this event.

We encourage anyone with ideas, suggestions, skills and some time to help.

The 2007 festival is tentatively planned for mid September.
For more information contact:
July McClure (505) 531-2542 or
Ed Conley (505) 534-1452

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SCFF said...

The 2008 SILVER CITY FILM FESTIVAL will take place from October 10-12 in scenic Silver City. Over 40 films, short and feature length, by U.S and international filmmakers, will be shown in addition to scheduled festival presentations including Q and A sessions with guest Directors, a panel discussion on New Mexican Women in Film and a workshop on 3D Animation. The Festival will also spotlight the environmental documentary, THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST: ARE WE RUNNING DRY? A look at many water issues facing the Southwestern United States. For more info visit: