Sunday, March 11, 2007

NM Stories: Liam Lockhart

Nice article in the Santa Fe New Mexican about LA film professional Liam Lockhart, who's found a home in Santa Fe. Full story here: -- Excerpt below:

“The daily quality of life in L.A. was not enjoyable for me anymore,” Lockhart said. “My life was disappearing. I would think to myself, there is much more to life than this.” ...

Many men react to a midlife crisis by buying a Harley-Davidson, a fast car or a boat. They color away the grays in their hair and go to bars more often.

Lockhart did something different: He left his hometown for a state where he knew one person. He said it was the best thing he could have done with his life.

Within six months, he was a resident of Santa Fe. Three months later, he was reviewing films on Diego Mulligan’s KSFR-FM 90.7 radio show, The Journey Home. Then The University of New Mexico accepted his proposal to teach a class on Italian horror films of the 1970s.

Now he teaches at Monte del Sol and also teaches a class on international horror films at Santa Fe Community College.

“Does it get any better than that?” he said with a smile. “All of these films have had such an impact on my life in one way or another. Who would have dreamt that I would have ever had a chance to teach the films of (Italian director) Dario Argento? I have been so blessed.”

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