Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sony May Hire 100, Employ 300 @ Albuquerque Studios Facility

First reported in the Friday LA Times, the Albuquerque Tribune follows up on the long-standing rumor of a new Sony Imageworks presence at Mesa del Sol. Excerpt follows (read the full article here).
Albuquerque's new massive movie studio may have a massive name as a tenant.

Sony Pictures Imageworks, an Academy Award-winning digital film production studio known for its work on films like "Superman Returns" and the "Spider-Man" films, plans to hire about 100 people at a production plant within the new Albuquerque Studios, according to a report Friday in the Los Angeles Times.

It's news that - should it come to fruition - rounds out the state's palette of high-profile film production offerings, local industry experts said.

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