Saturday, June 30, 2007

Afterwards Wraps in Alamogordo

Film crew wraps up White Sands shoot
From the Alamogordo Daily News

Filming in Alamogordo took place this week at White Sands National Monument. A French production company, bringing more than 70 crew members, was welcomed by officials from Otero County, the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce and the organizers of the 2008 White Sands International Film Festival according to a news release announcing the filming.

Shot over four days at White Sands National Monument, this film was supported through the efforts of the chamber of commerce and key members of the White Sands International Film Festival.

The news release noted both organizations are seeking to raise the profile of southern New Mexico as a prime location for the production of feature films.

Ed Carr, executive director of the chamber, offered assistance through the support of film liaison Jan Waffle, with extra support provided during the final days of shooting from David Gibbons, executive festival producer of the reshaped International Film Festival, and festival colleagues, the news release stated.

"The shooting of the movie 'Afterwards' this week at White Sands National Monument demonstrates again the attractiveness of Alamogordo and our area to film makers," Carr said in an official statement. "The cast and crew of around 100 provided a nice shot in the arm to many local businesses.

"With the movie 'Transformers' coming out next week, the movie 'Afterwards' hitting the screens in the near future and the upcoming White Sands International Film Festival, Alamogordo will be getting a lot more attention from the film industry."

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