Sunday, June 3, 2007

NMSU StoryCast: Film Concept Camp

NMSU's Creative Media Institute has taken a really neat approach to the bootcamp concept with its StoryCasting Camp for Teenage Filmmakers -- which started June 1st.

Visit their site (above) and read the article (link to full story at: )

High school and middle school students from across the state are spending the next 10 days on the campus of New Mexico State University, learning the ins and outs of creative media.

StoryCast: A camp for teenaged filmmakers, which began Friday, is hosted by the NMSU Creative Media Institute. The 20 participating students have been tasked with creating ideas that could produce stories and movie shorts, which they had to pitch to a group of NMSU film instructors.

The catch? The story line had to in some way involve the state of New Mexico.

StoryCast is the first camp of its kind conducted at the NMSU campus.

Too bad, said NMSU senior Nick Chamberlain, who is one of the chaperones for the students. Chamberlain, a 21-year-old cinema major, said he wished they had a program like this when he was younger.

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