Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ABQ Studios & Novint: Good News

They may not seem immediately linked, but I'll try...

Two local good ideas that have had their share of doubters announced good news in the past couple days, a good reminder (to me, anyway) that overnight success usually takes months or years.

Albuquerque Studios seemed happy two announce not one, but two productions to be shot there. "Sin City" writer and "300" writer-director (and graphic novel titan) Frank Miller will direct "Will Eisner's The Spirit" (from graphic novel god, Will Eisner) in October. Lionsgate is producing partner with Odd Lot Entertainment for the movie.

One might guess that Spirit will continue the streak of successes Miller has had with cool-looking post-production heavy movies that are shot in green screen environments.

Also in production soon is "Breaking Bad," a new series from Sony Pictures Entertainment Television that stars former "Malcolm in the Middle" dad, Bryan Cranston and was created by former X-files executive producer Vince Gilligan. The economic impact from a successful series is huge -- and I hear the scripts are really good.

More info at the New Mexico Business Weekly.

Also announced in the NM Business Weekly is the latest from Novint Technologies. Novint's haptic device is based on technology developed at Sandia National Labs by a couple of UNM graduates who also enjoy video games. The falcon device is pretty cool, and has received high marks from a slew of game reviewers at E3, GDC and elsewhere.

Any other good news out there?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

NM Theater Crossing the Continent

It's been a pretty amazing summer. And one of the less heard stories is about the number of NM based performance groups that are exporting their skills and works -- helping expose people outside the state to what we've got going on, and helping bring other creatives back to NM as well.

Ecotone has played Chicago, the Pajama Men have hit bunches of places (again), and Readymade Theater Dance Company has played in NYC.

In the UNM coffee district, things have been a little quieter with the Q-Staff gang away at Double-Edge. Now the reports are back (, and recall the true magic Q-Staff created with Star Garden some years ago (the outdoor setting with natural thunder effects brings back some great memories).

If you've got folks in the Boston area (or are visiting yourself), I'd urge you to check this out.