Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Mexico's Form Z Connection

We were very pleased to hear that the design project the Duke City Shootout undertook with UNM's School of Architecture and Planning had won honorable mention in the Fabrication Category. From Z is one of the cooler 3D design tools available -- and Professor Tim Castillo, who'd led the Shootout's Insomnia Lounge Design Project for UNM -- had shown me a good bit of their student work last year.

Looking a little closer at the page, though (it's here: http://www.formz.com/jointstudy/JS2006/awards20062007.html), I see that this wasn't the only successful project for UNM, or New Mexico's only connection. Seems Arturo Nunez, who was a pleasure to work with on the Insomnia Lounge Design also won the Award of Distinction in this category. I really suggest you take a look and watch the videos...

The Shootout project was, in my opinion, part of the essence of what we're trying to do with the ARTS Lab, the Shootout, and New Mexico's Media Industries Strategy Project in some ways: involving students in projects that stretch their skills and employ the latest in process and technology; taking an interdisciplinary approach to its fruition in design, build, use and publication.

It was an exciting process, and fun to see the evolution of thinking and design from Tim's student teams. Many thanks to Reggie, Grubb and Leann from the Shootout team, and thanks and congratulations to Tim Castillo and all of the students who participated.

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