Thursday, October 4, 2007

Novint to Partner with Merscom Games

From the NM Business Weekly:

Video and computer game developer Merscom LLC is partnering with Novint Technologies Inc. to make Merscom games compatible with Novint's new 3-D game controller.

The Novint Falcon, which launched on the market last June, integrates a sense of touch, or "haptics," with 3-D computer graphics, allowing PC gamers to feel the blast of a gun or the swipe of a sword.

The Falcon retails for $239 and includes nearly 30 bundled games, but currently Half Life 2 is the only name-brand game that supports the Falcon.

Albuquerque-based Novint (OTCBB: NVNT) will now work with Merscom to integrate the Falcon into a number of titles, including The Ship, WWII, Tank Commander, Masterpiece Fishing, Buku Dominoes and Jewel Craft.

Merscom CEO Kirk Owen said the partnership will enhance consumer appeal for Merscom games.

"We're excited about bringing this incredible new technology to our customers," Owen said in a news release. "The Novint Falcon is a great new interface that adds a whole new layer to the player experience."

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