Monday, October 8, 2007

Spirit Begins Production ! (?)

Do STARS make a difference?

Does anyone think that they don't?

Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere don't do much for me, but I have to admit that Scarlet Johansson, Claire Danes, Frank Miller, Paul Haggis... those names do mean a lot.

But the big names thing does make a difference. While people might talk about the possibility of getting tens, hundreds of thousands or millions of hits on YouTube for very little cost, that really is a rare possibility, whereas, say, someone like Paul Haggis will appear in several magazines and sites talking about Green Filmmaking -- getting tens of thousands of people who care about those issues to hear about NM.

Scarlett Johansson might not be talking about New Mexico (not much yet anyway), but she, Samuel Jackson, Eva Mendes and the rest all have fans -- who will be hearing a little bit about Albuquerque and New Mexico at least until Spirit comes out (and hopefully does well).

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