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News & Event Update

New Studio @ Traditions!
Tromadance New Mexico
Games in NM
More on Spirit at Albuquerque Studios
Jake Gyllenhall & Tobey Maguire in NM

More on all these (except the last one) below...

From Susan Stiger @ the Albuquerque Journal
Pass the popcorn. New Mexico is getting another film studio.
The Sandoval County Commission approved a planning and zoning change for ¡Traditions! Festival Marketplace from special use retail to film studio Thursday night, freeing a group out of California to transform the site into New Mexico Film Studios.
What was once the outlet mall, then festival marketplace, off the Budaghers exit on Interstate 25 went on the market early this year at a price of $8 million. Another $20 million to $25 million will turn it into New Mexico Film Studios: four soundstages and everything a producer and director need to make a movie— except actors.
"You walk in with a script. We help you find a producer/director (if you don't have them) and financing, you can headquarter there, use a soundstage and post-production," said Michael Harbert, a writer-producer moving from Los Angeles to be president and CEO. Harbert has written screenplays for "Law & Order," "ER" and "The West Wing," among others.
New Mexico Studios will start out with about half the filming space of New Mexico's other major movie studio— the $74 million Albuquerque Studios, south of Albuquerque International Sunport.

Also of note is the involvement of Worldscape & Pete Rogina, who you may have heard speak at last year's NM Media Industries Conference.
As of Thursday morning, New Mexico Studios included a newborn technology called immersive imaging created by New Jersey-based WorldScapes Inc., which will base its WorldScapes New Mexico on-site. Using a CamArray, a sea of overlapping cameras filming continuously, it creates a you-are-there-fully-surrounded experience now being used in military and law-enforcement training. WorldScapes already works with Los Alamos National Laboratory in research and development.
One prototype CamArray, with only 30 cameras, filmed at 1.2 billion pixels per second continually, said company president Peter Rogina. "We plan to build CamArrays with thousands of cameras to use at the studios and on location around the world," he said.
Rogina said he hopes to create 30 to 100 jobs here over the next 10 to 15 years.
More at the article:

From Dan Mayfield @ the Albuquerque Journal
Sure, we have a lot of big-time movies coming to shoot in New Mexico. Have you been Downtown to see the enormous “Game” set? Have you been out to Albuquerque Studios to see all the activity out there?
Big-time movies get the spotlight — but that’s not all that’s going on in the movie industry, especially in New Mexico.
Dozens of local folks are making movies every year, shorts and full-length features. These are small films, the kind the Governor’s Office doesn’t announce. They’re the kind that get made when a couple of guys scrape together a few bucks to pay the crew in cigarettes and beer.
Once a year, you get a chance to see some of these films at events like the TromaDance film festival, run by well-known horror-flick director Lloyd Kaufman. The event showcases the work of local filmmakers.
This year, Kaufman and the owner of Burning Paradise video, Kurly Tlapoyawa, will bring TromaDance Albuquerque to The Guild Cinema for the fourth year. The festival will show several locally made films: “Gimme Skelter” by Scott Phillips at 8:40 p.m. Saturday; “Necroville” by Billy Garberina at 8:50 p.m. Sunday; “The Faithful and the Foul” by Aaron Hendren at 7:25 p.m. Sunday; and “Land of Entrapment” by Craig Butler at 3:05 p.m. Sunday, as well as a host of short films by local folks.

A 2-part story from Megan Kamerick in the New Mexico Business Weekly checks in on New Mexico's growing game industry, both the companies that are growing and the educational programs that are being developed to meet their needs.

There's also a neat tidbit on *another* New Mexican who's making it big as a game player:
(from Greg Per\etti at the Albuquerque Journal)
Spike TV (cable channel 47) will air a one-hour Game Head special on Friday at 11 p.m., dedicated to the World Cyber Games 2007 Grand Final from Seattle.

During the Grand Final, Albuquerque's Jeremy Florence won the "Dead or Alive 4" title.

Jeremy Florence of Albuquerque bested Sweden's Niklas Lagerborg Saturday to take the "Dead or Alive 4" title at the World Cyber Games in Seattle, Wash.

In the championship match against Sweden, Florence wasted little time as he defeated his opponent 2-0. In the semifinals, Florence defeated teammate Carl “Perfect Legend” White, a rematch of the U.S. National Championship Final.

Finally, there's a lot out there on Will Eisner's the Spirit. Some of it is at:

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