Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On Set @ Spirit w/ Samuel L Jackson, Frank Miller & More

First of all, I wish... Spirit has been pretty tight, though I have heard of a lucky few who've made it on set.

But folks in the comic book/movie world are visiting, and sending reports.

The article at
includes all sorts of good tidbits, an interview with the Spirit himself and director Frank Miller...

I was headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico for another set visit. Two, actually. The first was "Will Eisner's The Spirit". A green screen extravaganza being directed by Frank Miller. It is based on an old comic book, and stars Gabriel Macht as The Spirit and Samuel L. Jackson as the Octopus. Also appearing in the film are Louis Lombardi and Eva Mendes. Not much is known about the exact plot, but when I interviewed Mendes a few months back for We Own the Night, she seemed extremely excited about the project. She is playing femme fatale Sand Saref in the film. The screenplay is derived mostly from her storyline in the comics. The second set visit was for the untitled Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor thriller formerly known as Game, which stars Gerard Butler. But more on that in the next column over.

The first stop we made upon arriving at Albuquerque Studios, home of Will Eisner's The Spirit, was the catering tent. I picked up my plastic plate and went down the line. Pork. Fried chicken. Shrimp tostada. Sam Jackson. The actor stood at the plastic salad trough. He picked through a bucket of sliced fruit, still in costume. He studied each piece of pineapple before carefully putting it on his plate. He then studied some cantaloupe. I'm not sure if he is a method actor. Maybe he was still in character. This was the first look I'd gotten of The Octopus; Master Villain. I won't be able to watch his performance now without thinking about his salad selections. The guy was spooky.

A circle of dots rested directly in the middle of his forehead. He was wearing white eye shadow, and his eyebrows were trimmed in the most unusual fashion. He wore a scarf, and a long sleeve red cotton shirt. Thick black glasses obscured his eyes. Best of all, he was wearing a pair of black patent leather boots and a pair of black patent leather genie pants. As The Octopus is not really seen in the comic books, except for his gloved hands, this was Frank Miller's interpretation of the character.

More at superheroflix...

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