Monday, December 3, 2007

3D & Immersive Talk at the Santa Fe Film Festival

One of the interesting topics covered at last week's Santa Fe Film Festival was the increasing adoption of 3D and immersive technology by Hollywood, and New Mexico's potential role as the Visualization group at Los Alamos National Labs and others try to take advantage of this opportunity.
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By ROGER SNODGRAS, Monitor Assistant Editor

SANTA FE – A town that not so long ago had to live without any movie theaters may be about to make up for lost time in a big way.

Los Alamos is a front runner to become the location for the world’s first Immersive Visualization Theater.

Peter Rogina, president of WorldScape Inc., said he has begun discussions with Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation with an eye to installing a new multi-dimensional immersion facility in the Research Park. The theater would be located outside the security perimeter and adjacent to the main administrative buildings at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Rogina said the theater could be a major new attraction for the county.
“To use a Star Wars analogy,” he said, “it would be the world’s first holodeck.”
The holodeck, a geek icon, enabled crewmembers in the television series to fuse imagination and reality.

Rogina appeared on a panel Saturday presented by the Santa Fe Film Festival on “Entering the Third Dimension,” about new 3-D media technologies.

Moderator Peter Warzel, senior vice president of Veriana Networks, introduced the participants and what he called the “hot topic” and “hot product” of the hour, 3-D and immersive imaging technologies.

“These technologies are moving beyond the big screen, conceptually, if not in fact,” he said. “Everything will be 3-D from now on.”

Rogina’s company is putting together a partnership that involves the laboratory’s Tech Transfer Division and the New Mexico Film Studios.

Steve Stringer, an Industrial Fellow at the lab, also participated in the panel. He was involved in creating the laboratory’s visualization room in the Nicholas C. Metropolis Center for Modeling and Simulation.

The “Cave,” as it is known, is one of the highest resolution visualization spaces in the world It links 33 stereoscopic digital projectors to provide a 43-million-pixel display on and within three walls and the floor and ceiling.

Warzel, who is a former president and chief operating officer of United Artists Theaters noted the dramatic box office success of the 3-D version of the Robert Zemecki’s new “Beowulf” movie.

“The 3-D version is being shown on 20 percent of the screens and bringing in 40 percent of the revenue,” he said. “Is it a drive to higher ticket prices by providing a different experience, or is it the wave of the future?”

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