Sunday, December 30, 2007

Simulation Work at NM Tech

Professor, students work on computer simulation

Argen Duncan El Defensor Chieftain Reporter,

Organizations can predict what people will think and what influences those opinions, courtesy of a New Mexico Tech computer simulation.

Associate Professor of Management Peter Anselmo and students are developing and working to market an interactive computer simulation that outputs an opinion.

Such organizations as marketing companies and political groups need to talk to people to get opinions, and the Remote Interactive Simulation Engine could replace focus group meetings.

It also has potential for remotely training groups of people.

The program deals with whom people talk to and how they share opinions within their social networks.

"That has an impact on our opinions of things," Anselmo said.

With the computer program, live people can remotely participate in simulations with certain other individuals to allow researchers to study the effect on the output opinion of the structure of those networks, the way information is presented and what facts are exchanged.

"This is kind of a hot topic now," Anselmo said.

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