Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Animator Chris Kientz to Partner on Task Force Shaman


Canada (Press Release) January 22, 2008 -- Studio announces partnership with Raven Tales creator Chris Kientz on a new action adventure project

Vancouver, B.C., January 22, 2008 – Atomic Cartoons, creators of world famous Atomic Betty have announced a partnership with Raven Tales creator Chris Kientz on the new animated action adventure series, Task Force Shaman. Kientz and Atomic will be debuting the project to buyers and broadcasters at the 2008 Kidscreen Summit in New York this February.

Task Force Shaman (26 x 22’), is an action adventure about eight mismatched teenagers from across the globe, all of them entrusted with magical amulets that imbue each of them with unique paranormal powers. They’re typical awkward teens: outcasts and misfits doing their best to grow up and work together as a team.

What they have most in common however is anything but 'typical': an ominous destiny they have all inherited. They don’t know it yet, but these reluctant heros are the only thing that stands between humanity and the greatest threat our world has ever faced.

"The second I saw the visuals and read Chris' treatment I knew immediately Task Fore Shaman had the right magic to be a phenomenal series. We're very excited to have joined up with Chris and Running Dog Lackey Productions and look forward to producing another world wide hit," said Trevor Bentley, CEO, Atomic Cartoons.

"Atomic Cartoons has the perfect track record of creating smart action adventure animation with a wide audience appeal. Task Force Shaman is a great match for their creative talents with the right balance of action, exotic locales, interesting characters and a dash of comedy," said Chris Kientz, Partner, Running Dog Productions.

At Kidscreen 2008, Atomic Cartoons will be taking meetings in the Summit lounge. For more info please contact: Chelsea Woodgate at Atomic Cartoons.

About Running Dog Lackey Productions
Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Running Dog Lackey Productions in partnership with Raven Tales Productions created the multiple award winning hit Raven Tales which has been screened worldwide and received feature press from the Wall Street Journal, and the Globe and Mail. Running Dog Lackey Productions has also done award winning animation for the Smithsonian Institute, Campbell River Museum and National Geographic.

About Atomic Cartoons Inc.
Located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Atomic Cartoons is best know for is proprietary hit Atomic Betty, which is seen in over 125 territories. Atomic also co-produces Captain Flamingo and is currently animating The Car Talk Series (working title), based on the hugely popular Car Talk radio program found on NPR. For more information on Atomic Cartoons please visit


Michael Bernstein said...

What's the NM connection?

e said...

Ah... well it doesn't say where the work will be done, but Chris has been one of the people here in NM most active in getting animation and new media going as part of the state's overall strategy.
While it's quite possible some of the work will happen up in Canada, I'd be surprised if some of the work didn't happen here in NM.