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NM-Made Movies Snag 14 Oscar Nods

New Mexico-Made Movies Receive 14 Oscar Nominations
January 22, 2008

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Governor Richardson credits aggressive marketing and incentives program for continued grown of state’s film industry

SANTA FE- New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson applauded today’s announcement that four movies filmed in New Mexico have received a total of 14 Academy Award nominations from the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences. The films include Best Picture nominee “No Country for Old Men” which tied for the lead with eight nominations.

“These nominations highlight the quality of the projects we are attracting to New Mexico,” Governor Bill Richardson said. “As importantly they highlight the quality of our support staff, our production crews and the incredible versatility our state offers filmmakers in realizing their vision. We can say with proven certainty that New Mexico is a world-class film destination.”

Since Governor Bill Richardson took office, 90 major feature film and television projects have shot in New Mexico resulting in an estimated economic impact to the state of $1.5 billion dollars.

“The film industry is a key factor in the high-wage, prosperous economy we are building in New Mexico,” continued the Governor. “Because of our success, thousands more New Mexicans are working, and the industry is benefiting local businesses and communities across the state. Plus, with these nominations the additional exposure these films will bring to New Mexico worldwide is fantastic. I’m committed to keeping the industry thriving and to continue developing New Mexico as a full service production state.”

In addition to best picture, “No Country for Old Men” garnered nominations for best director, best supporting actor, adapted screenplay, cinematography, editing, sound mixing and sound editing.

Many consider the film to be the lead contender for this year’s Best Picture award. The Coen Brothers drama was filmed almost entirely in New Mexico in locations such as Las Vegas and Santa Fe. It is based on Santa Fe author Cormac McCarthy’s novel of the same name. Golden Globe winner Javier Bardem is considered the front-runner for the best supporting actor award for his role as Anton Chirguh the film’s menacing psychopath.

While the film takes place in west Texas, the Coen brothers say they chose to shoot the majority of it in New Mexico because of the state’s attractive film incentives.

Three other films nominated this morning also took advantage of the state’s film incentives, skilled crew base and varied shooting locations. Tommy Lee Jones earned a Best Actor nomination for his work on “In the Valley of Elah.” “Transformers picked up nominations for visual effects, sound editing and sound mixing. “3:10 to Yuma” also received nominations for sound editing and mixing.


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