Tuesday, March 11, 2008


BOOM—Your Magazine for generating new business with New Mexico’s fastest growing industry.

Miscellaneous Publications in conjunction with the City of Albuquerque Film Office, Albuquerque Studios and the Bernalillo Office of Economic Development present BOOM, the official resource guide for film industry professionals who are living, working and making movies in Albuquerque.

Imagine this: You live in L.A. and you arrive in Albuquerque, New Mexico with plans to create a cinematic landmark, or at least make a movie or hit television series. In addition to this task, which has its own inherent production needs that must be met, you must also set up your entire network for daily living and lifestyle activities. Your time to do this is compressed, so what you need is an accurate, up-to-date, one-stop tidy little book that will introduce you to the real Albuquerque in record time. BOOM is that book!

What is BOOM? BOOM will offer insider interviews with actors, directors and producers who are making movies and a life in Albuquerque for at least six months, profiles of costume designers, special effects personnel, camera operators, production coordinators and crew, plus highlights on vendor services—unique local businesses that have captured a special niche in the industry with progressive thinking and business savvy. Lifestyle departments detailing the essentials from drinking and dining to outdoor activities, style options and needs for the little ones in tow will offer a locals view of hidden gems.

BOOM will have a big-time impact on industry professionals and advertisers who see the growing economic power of the film industry in New Mexico. Join the enthusiastic, innovative film community today and advertise in BOOM.

To purchase paid listings, please contact Katixa M Mercier at 505-924-1111, ext. 107, or by email at katixa@miscpubs.com

To inquire about a display ad, please contact Publisher, Missy Penor at 505-924-1111, ext. 102, or by email at missy@miscpubs.com


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Michael Bernstein said...

Hmm. looks like a spam comment.

Michelle said...

The contact for BOOM: The Albuquerque FIlm Guide is no longer Katixa Mercier but Angie Clements. Her contact info is 505.924.1111 x107, email angie@miscpubs.com