Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NM in the News... Terminator

One of the cool business things about work with the film industry isn't necessarily that you can see Jennifer Lopez, Russell Crowe, Jake Gyllenhall or Christian Bale in our neighborhood -- it's that if you have those folks and productions like Indiana Jones, The Spirit, or Terminator Salvation in your neighborhood, people will write about that, and the trickle of coverage certainly helps with PR (especially when you have 4-5 movies contending for the Oscars). The people at Albuquerque Studios definitely seem to be getting it right...

From the Terminator Files...
The film is scheduled for a North American theatrical release May 22, 2009. Warner Bros. Pictures is handling all U.S. and Canadian distribution rights for the film, with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group (SPWAG) handling international distribution rights in all territories (excluding Korea and select Mideast territories). The Halcyon Company acquired all 'Terminator' franchise rights in May 2007.

'Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins' will be the first film in a new 'Terminator' trilogy and will mark the latest installment of the multi-billion dollar 'Terminator' franchise. Moritz Borman, Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek will produce. McG will direct the film from a script by John Brancato and Michael Ferris ('Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines'). Christian Bale will star as John Connor.

On 'Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins' coming to Albuquerque Studios, COO Nick Smerigan said, "When building this facility, this is exactly the type of project we envisioned having and we look forward to working with Derek and Victor of The Halcyon Company and McG and the entire cast and crew." Added Jeremy Hariton, the studios' Sr. VP, "Working with this group in bringing this project to Albuquerque has been a great pleasure. This is an exciting time for Albuquerque Studios. To have the opportunity to host a production, cast and crew of this magnitude does not come along often and it speaks to the quality of the studio and the great film incentive programs put in place by the state of New Mexico."
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