Monday, May 12, 2008

Variety covers... NM

Two more articles in Variety the other day that feature New Mexico... which shouldn't really be a surprise; so much is happening here.

Last Thursday, they did a run-down of the five best states for incentives, listing New Mexico as #2. Somewhat annoying, I think, is the note that in recent years we had "scant facilities and hardly any qualified local crew" though they do note we now have Albuquerque Studios and that the crew situation is being remedied.

For more info on Louisiana, Connecticut, New York and Michigan (and us) visit: Rebates are Blooming in these States

On Sunday, they focus on writer/director Rupert Wyatt, whose "The Escapist" was picked up at Sundance for distribution by ThinkFilm.

In Wyatt Preps Trio of Features Variety discusses the projects which--
...will percolate while Wyatt next directs "The Trail," a drama he scripted with "The Escapist" co-writer Daniel Hardy.

Story follows two soldiers on a base in New Mexico who are led by a Native American woman up a trail to find her brother, who has been badly hurt in mysterious circumstances.

Pic is financed by Vertigo (the U.K. distributor of "The Escapist," whose James Richardson will produce with Ben Freedman, Wyatt's Picture Farm partner. It will shoot in September in New Mexico.

Think Film will distribute "The Escapist," which debuted at Sundance.

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