Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Channel Seven Steps Up

For the number 2 income generating industry in the state (I think I have that right), the movie industry has generated surprisingly little coverage by the broadcast media. Thankfully that's starting to change.

Whether it's their expanded nightly newscast, new staff or something else, our local ABC Affiliate, KOAT has been producing a series of news stories featuring aspects of our state's film and media industries.

They covered Gloria Martinez' recent trip with her film to Cannes, and filed three more stories (at least) in the last two days.

Preparing for Duke City Shootout Film Festival
The Duke City Shootout Film Festival is getting ready for another summer.
Founders Tony DellaFlora and Jim “Grubb” Graebner have 300 decisions to make—choosing from hundreds of great scripts.
“The quality is much better, more professional,” Graebner said. “We're getting less amateur scripts, more professional ones now.”

Santa Fe County Gives Go-Ahead for Studio Project
"Terminator 4" has booked Albuquerque studios from wall-to-wall but relief is on the way.
Tuesday, the Santa Fe county commission green-lighted a studio project just south of the city.
The facility will eventually have 10 sound stages and the promise of some big budget films.
Santa Fe Studios is targeting an open date at the end of 2009.
Once complete, the studio estimates it could bring $300 million a year to the local economy.

After years without all that much coverage, it's refreshing to see one station stepping up.

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