Sunday, June 8, 2008

NM Online Video Roundup

There are quite a few sites with New Mexico Made content out there these days.

The other day, the folks at Santa Fe Community College posted some videos about the new Santa Fe Studios (aol video):

More about Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe Studios, videos, etc. at the Santa Fe Community College site.

Over on YouTube, the Duke City Shootout's Tony Dellaflora has done a great job of bringing together the themes and visuals of Maggie Macnab's "Decoding Design" for this promotional video:

I haven't been a huge fan of Facebook, but Maggie's stuff is up there and there's a nice group for the "Easier with Practice" production that's been here in Albuquerque, featuring on set videos with a nice combination of visiting and local talent (like the inimitable Brian Wenrich and Marcus Montano).
Visit the "Easier with Practice" Facebook Group here.

The Duke City Shootout is up on MaxCast with previous films out on Sony's Crackle.

A lot more out there, of course, but one last site for the moment. Trifecta+ (who recently went to Cannes with their 48 Hour Film Project success story "Sweetie") have a nice page up on MySpace with video, previews, and info on their next few projects.

Lots of good stuff happening here in NM.

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