Thursday, July 3, 2008

Games *don't* Overtake Movies Again!

A quick note from Kotaku:
The folks over at Entertainment Merchants Association wrote to let us know that the $18 billion for "game sales" includes software, hardware and even accessories. While the DVD sales include, you got it, only the DVDs. The actual apples-to-apples comparison has DVD sales at $16 billion (and box office taking $9.6 billion*) and video game sales clocking in at a meekly $8.64 billion. Even if you add that $503 million in sales the industry is no where near toppling DVD sales from its mighty high roost.
More info at the Australian Gamespot site as well.

The "Games are bigger than Movies" argument is a little tough, and the jury's still out (at least in the US), mostly because as similar as these industries appear to be, on closer examination the direct comparisons break down. Game Console & Platform sales are usually figured into the mix for games, but DVD players are rarely considered for movies -- and that doesn't mention the way some games and movies *require* an awesome display and sound system.

When we move overseas, things might get even trickier. The impression is that there's much more game play in east and southeast Asia -- which is probably right, but that might be as much about the ability to monetize games through subscription services (while movies are more easily copied) than about pure consumption.

Of course games and movies might be the same thing in a few years anyway.

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