Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Terminator, In Plain Sight

Rick Scibelli Jr. for The New York Times
Part of the huge production set for “Terminator Salvation” on the outskirts of Albuquerque.

This Film Will Be Back, Strike or No Strike
Published: July 2, 2008

ALBUQUERQUE — The scorched earth and post-apocalyptic wreckage on a hillside just south of here carry a message for those who think the film industry has been closed down by the stalled negotiations between actors and producers: Hollywood will not give up next year’s pictures without a fight.

For all the talk of a de facto strike — a shutdown caused by studio reluctance to schedule production beyond the expiration at midnight on Monday of a contract with the Screen Actors Guild — a number of high-profile projects are simply pushing ahead.

None have done so more boldly than “Terminator Salvation.” This huge production has tantalized Albuquerque with glimpses of weird military hardware, a blast site marked by the shards of a 7-Eleven sign, and a lot full of battered helicopters, even while establishing this desert city as a manufacturing center for big-budget films...

It's great getting good, positive coverage in the New York Times... but are we really strangers to weird military hardware?

Also, just a fairly quick mention of "In Plain Sight", one of the bigger TV shows shooting locally. As one of the shows that actually claims its Albuquerque pedigree, there's been some discussion about how well In Plain Sight does (or doesn't do) in capturing the city (say, compared to "Breaking Bad" which also depicts Albuquerque).

For those of us without cable, it's been tough to participate, but viewers can now check the show out on Hulu as well.
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