Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mural Artists, Reel NM

Interesting article in the other day's Albuquerque Journal -- about a couple mural artists working in NM film (and more updates on Terminator). Dan Mayfield covers the local side of filmmaking each Friday in the Journal in Reel NM.

'Crash' Artists Find Their Work is Fleeting

By Reel N.M. DAN MAYFIELD Of the Journal

The TV show "Crash" that's been filming in Albuquerque for several weeks has an official premiere date: Friday, Oct. 17, on Starz.

We're going to see a lot of Albuquerque in the show, though we're playing Los Angeles.

The show is based on the Oscar-winning movie and stars Dennis Hopper. It premieres on the Starz network as its first original dramatic series. Starz is a relatively new cable network that specializes in showing movies, much like HBO.

To make Albuquerque look more like L.A., we needed to set the scene.

Many people who drove through Downtown a couple of weeks ago saw a striking piece of graffiti on the NAPA Auto Parts building. NAPA let local graffiti artists Tad Davis and Tripp Haley paint a woman, a skateboarder, a boom box and more on the blue building.

Davis and Haley have been buddies for years, painting graffiti and stencil work around Albuquerque. Davis also has been working with various films around town, most recently in the art department of the giant "Terminator: Salvation" movie.

The art director of "Crash" called on him and Haley to do what has always been illegal in Albuquerque.

"We were working on the mural, and the cops swarmed us from both sides," Haley said. "They thought we were robbing the place. The guard finally came out and said it was OK. It was kind of a thrill."
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