Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Terminator & Imageworks updates...

No, they're not really related.

More cool and interesting casting for the next Terminator movie helps keep it in the news (and bringing star power to NM), and we don't know what exactly Sony Pictures Imageworks will be doing when they start local operations, but their upcoming slate of projects bodes very well.

Helena Bonham Carter Joins McG's Terminator Reboot

If the involvement of Christian Bale and Common wasn't enough to help lessen my worry of McG (director of the Charlie's Angels films) helming the new Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, then today's news of Helena Bonham Carter definitely will. Bonham Carter is apparently in talks to join the film, which has already begun pre-production down in New Mexico. Honestly, Tim Burton's girlfriend seems an interesting choice for the sci-fi flick, but I'm not going to hope for anyone better. Bonham Carter is a brilliant, devilishly complex creature that seems right at home amidst a post-apocalyptic earth. Having lived in Burton's world for some time, she should be used to dim lighting and harried landscapes. Unfortunately her role is not as big as you may think...

Bale Meets Bonham Carter in T4

More high-profile casting in Terminator Salvation: the Future Begins. We’ve got Christian Bale on board as John Conner, Bryce Dallas Howard on as his wife, and now the trades report that Helena Bonham Carter (wife/non-wife of Tim Burton) is in “talks” to join the film in a “small but pivotal” role.


So, yeah: “Small but pivotal?” We’re guessing Bonham Carter is somehow connected to the past of Marcus Wright, our X-factor character who is supposed to be introduced in this film and carried over into two additional sequels. Good thing Marcus’ memory is all screwed, or we wouldn’t get expositional flashbacks!

'G-Force' is with Imageworks

'Watchmen,' 'Valkyrie' on Sony VFX unit's slate

By Carolyn Giardina

July 1, 2008, 12:07 AM ET

Sony Pictures Imageworks is on board to work on the 3-D version of "G-Force" -- one of the earliest scheduled live-action digital 3-D releases -- for Jerry Bruckheimer Prods. and Disney.

Imageworks also confirmed its current slate of visual effects projects. It is the lead VFX house on "Eagle Eye" for DreamWorks, "Watchmen" for Warner Bros., the untitled Ridley Scott film, United Artists' "Valkyrie" and the computer-animated "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" for Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia.

On "G-Force," Imageworks will take the 2-D version of the film and convert all visual effects shots to 3-D. The company's Rob Engle will oversee the stereo effort.

The Imageworks VFX team on "G-Force" is led by visual effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk, who was the VFX supervisor on "Spider-Man 3" and won an Oscar for visual effects for his work on "Spider-Man 2." The "G-Force" crew in¬cludes digital effects supervisor Seth Maury and animation supervisor Troy Saliba.
From ComingSoon.net:
• Action thriller EAGLE EYE for DreamWorks Pictures
• Mystery adventure WATCHMEN for Warner Bros. Pictures
• Dramatic thriller UNTITLED RIDLEY SCOTT FILM for Warner Bros. Pictures
• Family adventure G-FORCE, a Jerry Bruckheimer Production for Walt Disney Pictures
• Suspense thriller VALKYRIE for United Artists
• Animated comedy CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS for Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia Pictures

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