Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fifth Mafia Relocates from Michigan

Despite the advantage a few other states now have in production rebates and other incentives, New Mexico's total package of incentives, crews, good weather and great locations still seems to be pulling productions in. Hopefully Fifth Mafia will have a good shoot when they're here.

From the Project Mayhem blog in Michigan:
Filming plans for 'The Fifth Mafia' in Grand Rapids: Stick a fork in it

What was supposed to be the first noteworthy movie filmed in Grand Rapids won't be shot here at all. I just received a letter from the producers of "The Fifth Mafia" stating that delays in the filming schedule have forced the production to warmer climes.

An excerpt from the letter:

"The executives have decided to shoot our film in New Mexico. Vito (Giambalvo, director), myself and Kevin (Carraway, producer) all would rather have come to Grand Rapids.

Vito really liked it there and made some good friends and contacts there. He and Don also really liked your city, and gave us all good reports about all the great locations they saw, and people they met.

Unfortunately, we have run out of good weather in Michigan. We are planning to shoot in Nov-Dec., and since we need to simulate a Guatemalan scene, we cannot do it at this time of the year in MI.

We want to thank you for the welcoming hospitality and graciousness that you and your city extended to us both in person and in correspondence with you.

Vito has another feature, a comedy up next year and he wants to shoot it there. It can be shot rain, snow or shine and he definitely wants to come back to Grand Rapids.

Take care and best wishes,

The Producing Staff,
Norrita May
Kevin Carraway
Vito J. Giambalvo
Philip M. Olsen

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