Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Sexiest" Soap Star in NM

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Okay, it's kinda lite, but, it's kinda nice too...

From the Albuquerque Journal:

Sexiest Soap Star Stops By

Poor Ethan "Cane" Ashby. He's stuck in a bad marriage with Chloe, the woman he thought to be the mother of his child -- but might not be. Lily, the woman he loves, pines after him. And his mother, Jill, spurns him.

It's all a day in the life of actor Daniel Goddard as Cane on the TV soap opera "The Young and the Restless."

Well, his day job changed a bit last week.

Goddard was in Albuquerque both to scout locations for an unnamed indie film he's working on and to visit family. His wife is the niece of Gail and Nick Smerigan, the folks who brought Albuquerque Studios to town.

Goddard, though, is living the high life of a soap star.

He was recently named by TV Guide as the Sexiest Man in Daytime TV, and his relationship with true love Lily (Christel Khalil) on "Y&R" has earned the couple the Sexiest Couple award.

That's a big deal for a guy who came to American soap operas just 10 months ago.

But for the first time in several months, he had a chance to come to New Mexico and hang out...

From Soap Opera Fan.com:

The Young and The Restless’ Daniel Goddard Spotted In New Mexico!

It’s tough to keep under the radar when you’ve been branded soap’s sexiest star!

During a brief getaway, The Young and the Restless actor Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) was spotted in Albuquerque, New Mexico! No, it wasn’t for a show location shoot, so what was the star doing there?

Although Daniel admitted he was there to explore a possible location for a new Indie film he is working on, the trip was also family related, as Daniel’s wife, Rachel, has an aunt and uncle (Gail and Nick Smerigan) who live there - the owners of Albuquerque Studios. Aside from enjoying a fun family visit, Daniel commented about how nice it was to look in the sky and see nothing but clouds - compared to the lingering smog in L.A.!

Should we hear more about Daniel’s new Indie film, we’ll be sure to update you on that project. Until then, keep your eye out, as you never know when you’ll spot a soap star!

Particularly, of course, if you're, um, here in New Mexico...

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