Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Transformers, Traditions! & Imageworks Update

'Transformers' Making Return Trip to Holloman for Sequel

There hasn't been *too* much NM media news of late, so it's good to see the Albuquerque Journal's Dan Mayfield with the latest on Transformers and the nature of the "Studio" at the Traditions! location...

By Reel N.M. DAN MAYFIELD Of the Journal

It looks like Holloman Air Force Base personnel will again be part of a "Transformers" film. The second installment of the "Transformers" franchise, called "Revenge of the Fallen," is going to be shooting soon in and around Alamogordo and this week. DreamWorks, which is producing the film, held a casting call at the base.

About 300 folks showed up at the casting call for extras, each hoping to get a spot on the film. The last "Transformers" film, which was a major smash last summer, was also filmed at Holloman and nearby White Sands Missile Range. Many of the military personnel in the film were people from the base, and several landed major roles in the film alongside Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel.

What makes a studio?

For several weeks now, the old Traditions! A Festival Marketplace and former outlet mall at the Budaghers exit on the way to Santa Fe has been flying a banner that says "Movie Studios."

"Last year, we decided that retail is not ideal and converted it into a film studio," said the facility manager Mohammad Haq.

Well, a studio is more than just an empty mall to be sure, but it's a start.

The place does have a large parking lot for the big trucks, a large area that could be used for a backlot with a view west and plenty of walking area to stage an outdoor shopping mall, provided the script calls for a Southwesternthemed outdoor mall.

More at 'Transformers' Making Return Trip to Holloman for Sequel

Also receiving a bit of coverage is the site redesign for Sony Pictures Imageworks. There was a little concern over the past year about some buy-out rumors and interest in how bringing Interactive into the fold might effect things... but I have to say I like the new site.

And it's good to have a dozen or so of their people in town.

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