Sunday, November 16, 2008

Filmmaker Distribution and Serious Games in the Business Weekly.

Two additional articles about cool things going on in the New Mexico Business Weekly...
New site lets filmmakers distribute work
New Mexico Business Weekly - by Megan Kamerick

Distribution is the bugaboo of independent filmmakers, who are desperate to get their work out to audiences.

But two Albuquerque entrepreneurs say they have an idea that will change the whole equation and give filmmakers the power to build audiences for their work.

You could say it was a case of the aliens meeting the bellydancers. Anthony Dellaflora has been a filmmaker for years and is the co-founder of the Duke City Shootout, Albuquerque’s digital filmmaking festival. About a year and a half ago, he met Dan Latrimurti, who told him about his idea for doing streaming online video.

Latrimurti’s wife had been putting out instructional DVDs for bellydancing and he thought online distribution would be less time-intensive and more profitable. That’s when he found Maxcast, which allows users to create their own online broadcasts.

He approached Dellaflora about putting his film “High Strange New Mexico,” which explores the UFO subculture here, online as an experiment. They uploaded it with Maxcast and sent out some press releases. Two weeks later, UFO TV called Dellaflora with a distribution offer.

Dellaflora thought if this could happen for a documentary that was 10 years old, there was potential for other independent filmmakers with more current work.

So the two spent the next 18 months drilling down into the mechanics of Internet marketing and Web search optimization and came up with The Filmmakers Channel.

What it offers, they say, is a way for filmmakers, but also online instructors and even businesses, to create their own Internet broadcast channels and connect directly to audiences.

“We didn’t want to say ‘Stick your movie up online and it will make money,’” Dellaflora said. “You’ve got to know something about social networking like Facebook and MySpace as viral distribution.”

The Filmmakers Channel is a portal for all these films and other works, but it’s not the be-all, end-all of the idea, he added.

“The idea is to use our Filmmakers Channel as a base, but go out and start finding other niche audiences,” he said. “It’s a do-it-yourself thing for independent filmmakers.”...

Incubator finds fertile ground in national security technology

New Mexico Business Weekly - by Megan Kamerick

Glyn Anderson is an old hand at developing technology for military applications that can then be used in commercial animation work.

The company’s latest venture, however, started out with purely commercial intentions until Anderson met representatives from the National Security Technology Incubator, who suggested the new light he was creating could have national security uses.

NSTI launched this past March as part of the Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University. It’s the state’s only small business incubator focused exclusively on technology applications for national security.

Chris Kientz, director of technology innovation at Arrowhead, said NSTI was created to boost technology transfer under the Department of Energy and other federal agencies...

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