Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interview with Lisa Strout

Nice interview with NMFO Director Lisa Strout in today's Albuquerque Journal:

One on One with Lisa Strout
By Autumn Gray
Assistant Business Editor
Soup changed Lisa Strout's life. At the very least, it played a leading role.
Before the fresh pot arrived on her doorstep in Santa Fe, Strout led the kind of Hollywood lifestyle that had her flying to Italy as location manager for the Academy-award winning “A Room with A View” one day, heading a New York production office another. The majority of her 20-plus years in the business was spent in Los Angeles, usually in traffic, working 18 of every 24 hours, meeting scores of people but knowing no one, and certainly not receiving gifts that were good for the soul.
So about eight years ago, Strout decided to take a short break.
“I came out here to do some writing. I thought because I was in between movies, I would write, and I came out here for a few months,” hardly expecting to fall in love, she said.
But New Mexico had wooed her, and it “became obvious” she needed a change.
Strout returned to California long enough to finish working on her last film there, “13 Days,” starring Kevin Costner. Then, “I just up and moved,” she said.
“Within a week of coming here, I met two people who are still two of my closest friends. I was alone. I didn't know anybody. And they were neighbors on either side of me. They were so generous and warm. I remember coming home to a pot of soup on my porch with a note that said, 'It sounds like you're getting sick,' and I burst into tears because in Los Angeles, I lived in a place for 10 years that neighbors didn't talk to each other, they didn't help each other, and I missed and wanted that sense of community.”
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