Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NM in the News: Indie Vest Attracts Attention

Indie Vest, which funded the recent NM-shot St. John of Las Vegas, is featured nicely in today's Fast Company.

IndieVest Attracts Indie-Film Investors With Reduced-Risk Model

By: Lucas Conley
Investing in independent cinema is usually just for those with money to burn. IndieVest promises both Hollywood-worthy perks and a relatively safe haven.

Martin Shreibak and Nic Rad aren't the type of investors who usually meet their partners in moonlit junkyards. Yet here they are, late on a Friday night, in a grotesque menagerie of twisted automotive scrap on the southern margins of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Both men have been drawn here from their homes, which are thousands of miles away, by a shared passion: movies.

"I used to save up for the three-a-days as a kid," admits Shreibak, who owns health clubs in Indiana and still goes to the movies weekly with his 15-year-old son. "I'd sit in the theater all day, watching films like Spartacus."

"Tarantino, Scorsese, the Coen brothers," adds Rad, a 26-year-old artist, ticking off his favorites. "And any Buscemi project." Steve Buscemi, 20 yards away, pacing amid stripped-down wrecks, doesn't catch the praise. Shoulders hunched, grimacing, the actor is rehearsing his next scene.

Shreibak and Rad have made their way to this rough tract of alkaline desert to see their asset up close. They are two of about 100 investors in the first film from an upstart production company called IndieVest. Saint John of Las Vegas is a buddy comedy about a pair of insurance-fraud investigators, starring Buscemi, Romany Malco, and Sarah Silverman. Being part of IndieVest buys each investor behind-the-scenes perks, such as set visits and an invite to the Sundance Film Festival in January, where SJLV, as it's known, will be screened. More important, though, IndieVest offers its backers an array of financial guarantees and protections not found elsewhere in the Hollywood money game...
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