Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NM Independent: Lt. Governor Denish to Support Film

The new(-ish) online news source New Mexico Independent has refreshing news about soon-to-be-Governor Denish:
Hollywood, you’re still welcome in N.M., Denish says
By Trip Jennings 12/5/08 4:34 PM

While driving through downtown Albuquerque, it’s difficult to miss signs of the film industry: Here a blocked-off street with large trailers, there a sign affixed to a pole directing crews to a set.

There’s no mistaking that Gov. Bill Richardson has made it a priority to attract film and TV projects to the Land of Enchantment, and it shows. How many of us have watched the USA Network show, In Plain Sight, just for the chance to shout out, “There are the Sandias!” OK, not many. Well, how many of you have wondered how the series ‘Crash’ holds us against its Oscar-winning film counterpart?

So does his successor, Lt. Gov. Denish, hope to continue the Hollywood-ization of New Mexico.

You betcha.

Here’s what she said during a Thursday press conference.

“In the last few weeks and months I’ve been talking to many people in the film industry, it is one of the job creators in New Mexico,” Denish said. “I’m going to work hard to keep us one step ahead of every state. We are now the model thanks to Gov. Richardson. I am going to work hard so that we don’t lose ground in that area.”

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