Monday, February 16, 2009

Web App Wednesday makes Google Blog!

Michael Bernstein's Web App Wednesday was recently featured in Google's App Engine Blog -- which, somewhat ironically, I found when I visited Michael's Web App Wednesday site , though it was cool and interesting he was using Google's App Engine and wanted to investigate a little more.

If you see or know of other people in New Mexico's tech world doing good things and getting a little love, please share.

From Google:

Web App Wednesday, Mashup, Backup, and Decay

Michael Bernstein is doing something I find very interesting. Not only is he creating applications on App Engine, he creates a new one every Wednesday. His site, appropriately named Web App Wednesday, is where he is creating a new web application every Wednesday, starting first with the site itself, followed by F/OSS License Info, a single-page site that displays information about the most common Open Source software licenses. Another recent app, LinQR , is a URL shortening service and QR code generator. Good luck to Michael and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next Wednesday.

If you're doing something cool with App Engine please let us know! We'd love to highlight it here on the blog or even have you write up an article explaining what you've done, like this new article from Omar Abdelwahed on Creating a Facebook App with Google App Engine and Best Buy Remix.


And more at: Web App Wednesday, Mashup, Backup, and Decay

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