Friday, June 26, 2009

WhatisPaul Production Blog Launched

Production blogs for movies have become a more and more popular way to build some buzz and get info out about the productions (Observe and Report had some good crew blogs last year, and McG's blog for Terminator Salvation had good clips and info on that production, often before any other source). The latest I've seen for a NM shoot is on WhatisPaul. It looks pretty cool.

From Empire Movie News Online:
Paul Production Blog Goes Live
Find out latest on Pegg/Frost comedy
Source: What Is Paul?

What is Paul?

Well, Paul is Greg Mottola’s new sci-fi comedy written by and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, about two British slackers travelling across America who bump into a fugitive alien, voiced by Seth Rogen. It’s currently being shot on location in New Mexico – or Mexico Zero – as we speak.

What is whatisPaul?

Well, whatisPaul? is the new production blog for the movie that’s just gone live on the internets, featuring a whole lot of video content – shot by Lance Bangs, who directed R.E.M.’s excellent tour film, Road Movie – photos taken by Simon, and much, much more...

Visit the actual blog at:

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