Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NMBW: "film industry blunts recession’s impact"

You have to be a subscriber (or buy a copy), but there's a nice article in the NM Business Weekly about how some local businesses are benefitting from film production in New Mexico:

Businesses find film industry blunts recession’s impact
New Mexico Business Weekly - by Megan Kamerick NMBW Staff

When the production team from “Terminator: Salvation” called Wes Young and asked him to round up 50 gallons of baby oil, he didn’t bat an eye.

Young is the sales manager of RAKS Building Supply Inc., but he dutifully combed the city until he accumulated the 50 gallons. Then they wanted 50 pounds of ceratic acid. That took about a week, Young said, and he had to find it in Pennsylvania. He also had to get a license to sell it.

“Thank God for the Internet,” he says...

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