Saturday, August 22, 2009

Local iPhone Developers in the News

Nice story this past Thursday night on KOB-TV focusing on a local group of developers working on iPhone and other mobile apps. Andrew Stone in particular has been getting more and more notice as his "Twittelator Pro" -- a twitter app for iPhone -- has been featured in Apple's own ads (it's even noted in Apple's response to the FCC about how new apps go through the App store's approval process).

Some of you may have seen Andrew speak at our Media Industries conference or the recent Ignite NM event -- but it's great to see him and other local developers being recognized outside our neighborhood as well.

From Jeremy Jojola at KOB-TV:
iPhone a gold mine for Albuquerque developers
The iPhone, along with other smart phones, are changing the way a lot of people do things.

For some Albuquerque software developers, the iPhone has become a digital gold mine.

At an Albuquerque coffee shop, you can find a group of self-proclaimed geeks -- they love the term.

Developer Andrew Stone said, "I'm a geek and I'm very proud of it."

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