Sunday, February 21, 2010

Santa Fe Complex in the News

Nice write-up on the Santa Fe Complex in the Santa Fe New Mexican the other day:

...The Santa Fe Complex, a group of challenge-solving junkies who specialize in wickedly complex problems, is going to help the Department of Defense figure out these battlefield replacement-part questions.

Fred Seibel, who was selected this week as the new executive director of the complex, said the project is for the U.S. Army Logistics Innovation Agency, a Department of Defense division. "They're looking for ways to optimize distribution of materials to units in the field," Seibel said.


The contract signals the potential for more paying contracts to support the complex. Thus far, the group consists of a paid office manager and executive director in a rented building on Agua Fría Street in Santa Fe, with a bunch of consultants who are paid on contract. The group's board and problem solvers include scientists, artists and technology geeks. Their rent and a little more has been covered since the group formed in 2008 by the city of Santa Fe's Economic Development Department.

Santa Fe Complex scientists, artists and technology consultants have helped model escape routes for Santa Fe County residents in case of wildlife and helped the San Francisco Department of Public Health track troubled youth within the city's social services network.

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