Tuesday, September 21, 2010

(Ideum) "Open Exhibits" is Funded by NSF!

FANTASTIC NEWS from our friends at Ideum!

We're already aware that they're among many here in New Mexico doing truly world class work, and this new project opens the door to other interactive developers who aspire to do the same -- and hopefully share some of the culture and innovation New Mexico has to offer. 


Open Exhibits is Underway!

It is official! Ideum has received a major, $1.78M grant from the National Science Foundation to fund a three-year exhibit software initiative, Open Exhibits. The project will release a suite of open source multitouch-enabled exhibit modules and templates with the goal of transforming the way in which museum professionals develop interactive computer-based exhibits for use in museums.

Learn more on the Open Exhibits website.

Open Exhibits is Underway!

Connect with Open Exhibits

Stay in touch with us as we begin this major three-year initiative! Please follow us on Twitter and encourage your followers to do the same! You can also join us on Facebook, Flickr , and YouTube.

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Connect with Open Exhibits

Ideum is an Official HP Partner

Ideum has joined forces with HP to offer more integrated solutions. Our TouchStand kiosks now come with HP 9100 TouchSmarts and a three-year service warranty.  Later this year we will be integrating HP computers into our multitouch table.

Learn more about TouchStands

Ideum is an Official HP Partner

New GestureWorks Tutorials

GestureWorks has the most comprehensive list of multitouch ActionScript tutorials available anywhere. There are now 13 tutorials for Adobe Flash and Flex.

GestureWorks Tutorials

New GestureWorks Tutorials

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NMSU-Grants Campus Awarded Film $

From the Grants Cibola Beacon:

Grants campus awarded film money

By Sophia Tripodi
Beacon Correspondent
Published Monday, September 13, 2010 4:22 PM MDT

GRANTS - Governor Bill Richardson visited NMSU-Grants on Sept 9 to announce that the school's creative media program would be receiving $100,000. The funds will be put towards the general expansion of the program, including the purchase of additional film and digital media equipment, as well as to provide outreach to rural communities and high schools.

"Digital media is the future," Governor Richardson said, "I want to make sure young people, and people continuing their education, see the opportunities in the film and media industry."

The New Mexico Film Office provides a hub of resources and training for individuals throughout the state who are interested in pursuing careers in the film and television industry. Governor Richardson's initiative and support of film and media is focused on creating jobs and opportunities for New Mexico residents and businesses and, hopefully, bringing extra revenue into the state. By providing funds to colleges and universities, the students have the resources necessary to acquire and develop the skills to compete in this universal market.

"I want to make sure Grants and rural areas are not forgotten," Richardson said, "Grants is a small town and small town values are important. This is truly hands on learning that benefits the students, community and entire state."

 Doug Bocaz-Larson, the professor in charge of the program at NMSU-Grants said, "It's really the students who have the passion. I couldn't have done this without the students."

Bocaz-Larson talked about the growth of the program over the years, having started out as a small theatre group and grown right along with the worldwide film and media industry into what it is now.

With the dedication of Bocaz-Larson and his students, many opportunities have already been created at NMSU-Grants. The campus currently offers certification in Digital Film Technology, as well as various other chances for students to gain experience in film and media within their community through direct hands-on learning. It is hope the funds will help provide the resources to develop the program even further, Bocaz-Larson said.

In closing, Governor Richardson said, "NMSU-Grants is one of the first programs being funded and probably one of the best. What you have done here with the creative media program is impressive. .."